Beginning in the Czech Republic
To start up one's life abroad is easy for nobody. Besides, also for the fact you need considerable means and, moreover, there is threatening a risk that, because of ignorance you will pay, from time to time, more than you should have to.

That's why there was, in collaboration with various interested establishments, founded the Czech Open Institute the task of which is to enable the foreigners' integration into the Czech environment.

Everybody who will join in any of our projects, will be provided, during the first year of his stay in the Czech Republic, with consultations free of charge in the extent of 5 hours a year.

We will provide you also with all other necessary cooperation:
  • we will help you to acquire a long-time visa, besides we will ensure other necessary Czech documents,
  • we will join you into various working and enterprising projects,
  • we will ensure accommodation corresponding to your level,
  • we will help you with the domestication of your present education (recognition of your secondary school or university),
  • we will prepare you for the studies at the university,
  • we will arrange for you a loan bearing no interest up to 150 000 Kč to enable your beginnings in the new environment (only half for children),
  • we will offer you Czech language courses and courses introducing you into the history and life usages in the Czech community.
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