Educational centre of Malé Svatoňovice

Starting with the school year of 2004/5, Czech Open Institute has acquired a new teaching complex for its students at the town of Malé Svatoňovice.
This originally small pilgrimage town changed in 19-th century into an industrial town with deep mines, Now - it is a quiet, clean town and a centre of a tourist region of Jetřebí hory (mountains). You must see the museum of Karel Čapek who was born here. A remarkable historical monument is a pathway with stations of the cross with small chapels and unique embossments, you will pass through an instructive track making accessible mining monuments. Over the town, on the highest point of the mountains, there is situated a view-tower.

On foot, you can get to the centre of the town in three minutes. To the railway station where an express train connecting Prague with the most popular tourist centre of Czechia, with Giant mountains (Krkonoše), you can get on foot in 5 minutes. To find an entertainment, you will use to go with your Czech friends to a neighbouring town of Úpice - 4 kms.

Our students live and study in an educational complex where all the conditions for an efficient learning, sports and rest are created. Students live in a comfortable students' hostel, in large triple-bed rooms. On every floor, there is an equipped kitchen. In the complex, there is also a dining room, canteen, cinema, reinforcement room, hothouse, gym-room, big sports hall, table-tennis desks, tennis courts, athletics stadium, summer swimming pool, in winter there is operated a ski slope with a tow. The hostel is in one building, all the other is in adjacent buildings, outdoor sports grounds are not more than 200 ms off.
You will certainly wish to get to know Czechia more in detail. On weekends, you can make various one-day trips during which you will get to know an important part of the republic:
  • Prague. There is nothing to add.
  • Trutnov. A historical town centre, war monuments of 1966, outstanding park, industrial town. You will come here to do shopping. You will take a liking to the restaurants, beerhouses, a tea- room, a café. In the woods near the town, under a ruin of a medieval castle, there is a cottage of Václav Havel, former Czech president.
  • Hradec Králové. Town with two centres. A modern centre, built in the style of functionalism, attracts students of architecture from all the world.
  • Jaroměř - Josefov. Town - fortress from the time of Austria-Hungary.
  • Dvůr Králové. One of the most renown zoological gardens of the world, specialized on African animals who are presented in the style of safari (animals live free and the visitors pass through in cars). Gallery of Zdeněk Burian, painter who had reconstructed far-off extinct animal long time before the film producer Spielberg did so in his Jurassic park.
  • Kuks. Castle with outstanding baroque sculptures of Matyáš Braun. Historical pharmacy.
  • Vízmburk. Castle from the time of Gothic beginings that, during centuries, has desappeared under the roots of the forest. When, recently, archeological excavations have begun, nobody anticipated what would be discovered. The only castle in Europe saved from that period, and up to the height of the third floor…
  • Hostinné. Gallery of antique art, by the quantity of exhibits the third largest one in the world. Even many of the famous cities have not such a collection of antique sculptures that you can find in an ancient monastery at a forgotten small town in the foothills of Krkonoše.
  • Sněžka. The highest Czech mountain - 1602 ms. A walking tour full of unique experience.
  • Adršpašsko-teplické skály (rocks). Two unique rock towns. Who has seen them, never forgets. Mountain-climbing landscape. Yearly world festivals of mountaineering films.

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