Further Information - Studies

We offer three documents in those you can find detailed information on study possibilities in the Czech Republic.


Here you can find basic information on Czech Open Institute, our projects, services, pictures, basic contacts or a map.
Size - A4 sheet. We recommend duplex printing (colored if possible), and fold.
Fly Sheet (year 2004/2005, 450 kB)


Informative brochure including detailed information on Czech educational system. All about students' life in Czech Republic - accommodation and boarding to foreign stages. The final part describes the variants of beginning your studies in Czechia, language courses, our services and advise. The last pages are devoted to the Frequently Asked Questions. The brochure allows you to get more familiar with a unique method of fast and cheap getting of prestigious academic education, convenient job and permanent stay in the EU.
Size - 23 pages of A4 format. Text without pictures, for printing is convenient any monochrome printer. This material contains high-quality information, we recommend to read it carefully!
Manual (year 2004/2005, 275 kB)


Document includes short description of our services and their prices.
Size - A4 sheet. We recommend duplex printing (monochrome printer is sufficient) and fold.
Price List (year 2004/2005, 165 kB)

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